Vince Gironda’s “Big Gains” Diet

vince gironda
Vince “Iron Guru” Gironda was an early advocate of low carb dieting

Whenever Vince Gironda wanted to give a trainee a big boost in muscle size or weight gain…

…he turned to a unique diet.

You won’t see this diet today – it isn’t politically correct.

But it works, and that’s what matters.

Here it is, from his book on Unleashing the Wild Physique:

Breakfast – 4-8 ounces of liver, chops steak, hamburger, brain, kidney or fish; 4-6 eggs or 4 ounces of natural cheese, 1 glass of certified raw milk, half & half, or raw cream, 2 slices of rye or whole wheat toast with sweet butter.

Lunch – Eggs, no limit, meat – any kind, no limit, 8 ounces of cottage chees, raw vegetable salad, fruit.

Dinner – Same as lunch (choose different foods), yoghurt, fruit.

Also trickled throughout the day were numerous supplements and he also called for a snack which consisted of Half & half, Vince’s special protein drink, or half & half with ginger ale.

This was typically between meal sandwiches with cheese, eggs, meat, tuna fish or peanut butter on rye or whole wheat bread.

Wow – that’s quite some eating!

And indeed this diet is targeted at weight gaining.

Vince notes the importance of keeping a constant supply of protein and other nutrients being feed to the muscles.

He also notes the importance of a good breakfast, “the most important meal of the day, supplying the body with nutrition and fuel after many hours of having no food.”

Gironda’s dietary approach is wild but it may be just what you need to add some more muscle, particularly if you struggle in adding size.

Give it a shot and watch those muscles fill out.

*Warning: Please seek the advice of a nutritional expert and/or your doctor or Physician before considering this type of Diet.

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