The Temple Of Bodybuilding Pain

pain during a workout good or bad

So you want to become bigger, more muscular, more powerful?

There is one place where this happens and only one place – in the temple of pain.

You won’t get gains anywhere else.

Is Pain During a Workout Good Or Bad?

The human body has a certain tendency to stay with the status quo, to maintain what it has, and no more.

So in order to get gains you have to disrupt that status quo, and that disruption is painful.

Serious Training Brings Pain

Five-time world master powerlifting champion Marty Gallagher gets to the point on this issue when he revealed at his website –

“To trigger physical progress, you have to bump up against current boundaries. You have to test the limits and break the barriers. You have to deal with the pain and discomfort a serious exercise induces.”

And he is right. If you are seriously training, it will be painful.

There is no muscle size gained unless you learn to deal with pain.

And that pain isn’t necessarily brief, either.

While the pain from an exercise may only last a little while, you have to repeat that pain again and again and again within the span of any good, intense workout.

Getting the Good Pain, Avoiding the Bad

Naturally, we are talking about good pain.

Bad pain is that which comes from an injury, typically in a joint or ligament, and of course you want to avoid that.

But good pain is that which comes right in the muscle, when the micro fiber tears start to tell you that you are reaching the deep muscle fiber.

And that’s what you want.

The difference is typically this – a bad muscle pain is sharp, acute, really hurts.

Good pain builds more slowly, like a small fire igniting into a bigger one.

Like a load getting ever heavier as the pain adds up.

Pain is also an indicator that you are pushing to the right level in your workout.

It is one of the intangible signs that you are on the right path to keep those muscles growing.

Those who never push it to the edge don’t know this certain marker on the way to gains.

One factor every successful trainee has to deal with is the idea that pain is a constant companion in the gym.

A workout without pain is not going to do much as far as growth is concerned.

And that pain element never goes away.

It is still there, whether you are 15 or 45 or 70 – you have to handle the pain factor.

Pain not only provides the pathway to building muscle, it also builds discipline in the process. And that discipline allows you to handle more pain down the road.

The ability to handle pain on a consistent basis separates those who build a long-term big time physique from those who just play around in the gym and never quite get their muscles up to par.

If you want to build a brutal body full of muscle, you have to spend your time in the temple of pain – habitually.

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