"Success Will Come When You Make Every Single Rep Count!"

Written by Thomaz Jensen.

If you’re looking for the “abs while you sleep” or an Instant overnight recipe to super mass, you won’t find it here.

Everything on BrawnImpact.com is written based on years of extensive factual, science based research and solid proven (fad-free) bodybuilding principles utilized by pro’s such as Schwarzenegger, Vince Gironda, Ronnie Coleman and Lee Labrada & Mike Mentzer.

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Thomaz Jensen

That's one of my favourite quotes.

"Success will come when you make every single rep count"

The man who said it?...

Dorian Yates.

He won the Mr. Olympia title six consecutive times from 1992 to 1997 and has the fifth-highest number of Mr. Olympia wins in history, ranking behind only Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yates was a follower of Mike Mentzer's high-intensity training (HIT) style of bodybuilding, which evidence suggests, that maximum muscle stimulation can be reached through short and intense workout sessions instead of long and slow ones.

There is something that I need to say and it doesn't get said enough...

It's the big benefits of training properly!

Take a look around in almost any local gym and you will notice that lots of guys are pumping out the repetitions fast and furiously.

Trying to emulate the styles of Yates..

What you won’t typically see is lifters going deep with their reps with proper form..

Sure, there is a lot of action going on, that doesn’t necessarily transfer into good form.

Most lifters perform pretty shallow repetitions ...at best.

Yes, they can pump out a lot of reps quickly, but they aren’t as beneficial as they could be to their body.

The result is a ton of wastage!

They are essentially cheating on every repetition, they are cheating their own progress, and in turn their own body.

So the overall result is an entire workout that is simply a big cheating session that doesn’t do much for building muscle.

Sooner or later cheating like this catches up with them.

They don't grow.

They stay the same.

To change this they have to train differently.

You have to train correctly.

Here's How To Be Different...

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thomaz jensen brawn impact

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