Military Mind Set – The “CAN DO” Bodybuilding Approach to Getting Sh*t Done!

The military mindset is a “can do” attitude that simply gets sh*t done.

There is ZERO hesitation with this approach.

You get on it, whatever it is, and you get it done.

It is the most POWERFUL tool you have at your disposal.

For building muscle, that translates into approaching the training with the idea that you will succeed, that you “can do” it.

Whether it is heavy bench pressing, a big session of curls, hardcore squatting, or whatever else – you get it done.

If you were to interview any guy in any gym and ask him the most powerful tool for building muscle, most would center on some type of exercise, or perhaps a training scheme they got out of a muscle magazine or web site.

And they would be wrong!

I’ll say it again…

The most powerful tool for building muscle is your mind.

The mind has a force capability that most people are unaware of.

However, a story from a couple of former multi-Mr. Olympia winners illustrates the tremendous potential of the mind.

A True Story…

This comes from Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder:Education of a bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger

The story goes…

Arnold was lifting weights with Franco Columbu and noticed that Franco didn’t seem to have as much power.

He was only able to lift the weights for a 1 or 2 reps.

Arnold saw his chance to best his powerful friend and immediately challenged him to a contest to see who could lift the most weight.

He even put money on this bet.

Franco took the bet and pumped out 10 clean, powerful reps.

This stunned Arnold.

How did his friend, who could only get up 1-2 reps with the heavy load a few minutes earlier, transform into the capability to pump out 10?

Franco Columbo Mr Olympia
Franco Columbo – IFBB Mr. Olympia 1976, 1981.

Franco Columbu had an impressive Physique.

One of the secrets to his Physique I wrote about here.

Certainly Franco’s body didn’t change in the few minutes that occurred between the sets.

What Arnold came to see was the power of Franco’s mind.

Franco had determined that he could get the reps if he wanted to, and proceeded to get 10 reps, beating Arnold in the competition.

This contest illustrates the EXPLOSIVE power of the mind.

The mind has MASSIVE power over the muscles – much more than most people realize.

It was his mind that made Franco’s body able to do the reps that it couldn’t do just a few minutes earlier.

The mind powered up his muscles and they responded in explosive style.

Franco’s mind told his body to get going, and the muscles did so.

What if Franco had the mindset that he couldn’t do it?

Then the muscles would have failed.

The mind supercharges the body, or it restricts the body.

So the more powerful the mental approach, the more powerful the physical response.

I hope you see the implications here?

The more powerful a mental response you can build toward any training situation, the more powerful a physical output you can generate.

That is so important that it needs to be restated – the more powerful a mental response you can build toward any training situation, the more powerful a physical output you can generate.

This applies across the board – whether in a workout, a huge bench press or squat, or in a bodybuilding competition, (where you want to get as huge of a pump as possible).

Add your mind into the mix and watch what happens.

It may stun you.

Your mind is indeed a supercharger and an ally that can transform your training and your physique.

When a lifter has the right mindset, he is much more powerful than if he doesn’t tap into that power.

Arnold used this illustration to point out the awesome power of the mind.

He also further described the power of the mind from another weightlifting example – Russian Olympic Weightlifting Gold medalist Vasily Alekseyev.

For years and years the big Olympic lifters bumped up against the 500 pound barrier in the clean and jerk.

No one could hoist this amount.

Then Vasily did, and within the next year several lifters mastered 500 pounds (and more).

Arnold pointed out that the human body didn’t become more powerful, but rather the mind finally believed it could be done, and so others believed it as well.

More on the mind-muscle connection…

How did Louie Simmons lift more weight at age 40 than he did at age 30, and more weight at age 50 than he did at age 30, while other guys are lifting less as they age?

Louie Simmons Powerlifting
Louis Simmons – American powerlifter and strength coach. He is noted for developing the Westside Barbell method of training and applying it to powerlifting.


A tough mindset.

The mind is much more powerful than you damn well realize!

You can tap into the power of your mind if you start looking beyond just the muscle to generate power.

Muscles are the slaves of the mind.

The mind is the ruler in this kingdom, and tells the muscle what to do.

And you can take advantage of that.

You can use your mind to dictate to the muscles what to do.

Your muscles, for instance, aren’t excited about pain, for one.

But your mind can make your muscles go into the pain zone, the area of training where the best gains come from, and reap the results.

Your body certainly doesn’t want to spend any time at all in the pain zone, but your mind can make it.

The mind can also create instant and huge intensity in your training.

The muscles create intensity in training only in response to what the mind is telling it to do.

The body on its own will come nowhere near the high intensity that can be generated by the mind.

Having a hard core mindset, can literally transform your training, taking it to an entirely new level you have never experience before!



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