Luscious Liver – A Potent Muscle Building Food!

food for building muscleNot too many people would term liver as “luscious” but it is when it comes to building the body.

Liver is an old school supplement that isn’t really used that much anymore.

Today there are a lot of fancy supplements with exotic ingredients but it is still hard to top desiccated liver.

It’s a Super Potent Muscle Building Food

Getting a good supply of liver doesn’t mean you have to eat the awful tasting stuff but you can supplement with a version of it.

This supplement was highly advocated by Vince Gironda and is called “desiccated liver”. (Dry Liver)

It was core component of the Vince Gironda Diet.

Gironda called it one of his most potent training aids ever.

He pointed out it is four times as potent as whole liver due to its concentration.

High in protein (80 percent), a blood builder, full of nucleic acids, rich in iron, the B vitamin complex, and a couple other very interesting elements.

The Muscle Growth Factor

Vince Gironda noted that desiccated liver contains a muscle growth factor as well as an anti-estrogen factor, which in turn helps elevate the testosterone levels.

Gironda wasn’t shy about having his trainees use this supplement.

He advocated taking desiccated liver like candy – throughout the day, and frequently. Also, several tablets at a time.

He pointed out that advanced bodybuilders made great gains taking 50-100 tablets a day.

But he noted it was important to work up to those levels, by starting out at a much lower level and then doubling your intake every day until you reach the high end of intake.

Yes, it is an old school supplement but desiccated liver is still a powerful muscle building food that will work as well today as it did back in the day.

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