Pushing the Envelope With High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training (HIT) has been growing in popularity from its earliest days when Arthur Jones began expounding about this unique, intense, brief style of working out.

His motto was to “”train harder and briefer”.

Bodybuilding had strayed into lengthy workouts that were more time intense than muscle intense. Jones zeroed in on the issues of wasted time and overtraining, and even came up with new machines to put his theories into play.

The high intensity movement naturally morphed into further variations and derivatives of Jones’ theories, with key input by people such as Dr. Ellington Darden.

Then the legendary Mike Mentzer came on the scene, and took HIT to an even higher plane.

Mentzer’s success on the national level finally gave the HIT approach total universal recognition that remains until this day.

Mentzer’s fantastic physique and razor sharp mind soon made HIT one of the most popular ways to workout.

His intelligent support of HIT training through articles, books and seminars provided a new generation of bodybuilders with an entirely new line of thinking and training that produced that most coveted element of all – massive new growth.

Dorian Yates Influence

Mentzer arguably should have won the Olympia title in 1979, but that feat was finally accomplished by another HIT advocate, Dorian Yates, who went on to hold the top title undefeated for over half a decade.

Yates proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that HIT could produce the highest level of physique.

Dorian yates bodybuilder
Dorian Yates Today

His HIT based body dominated the bodybuilding scene in the early and mid 90’s, with Dorian retiring undefeated at the Olympia level.

More than Workouts

High Intensity Training is as much a training philosophy as it is a training activity.

The HIT approach is as much mental as it is physical and once you grasp that you can start to make incredible progress.
In fact until you do “get it” you won’t make as much progress as you are capable of.

You have to engage your mind both in and out of the gym if you want to take it to the next level.

You have to think about what you are doing.

This style of training is not just muscle, it is mind plus muscle.

And you have to bring that attitude to the gym.

HIT is nasty, all out effort in the gym and you have to mentally prepare yourself for its demands.

HIT training is brief but that brevity is bounded by very tough workouts. In fact, there is nothing easy about HIT routines.

HIT training is some of the most difficult and intense training you can put your body through.

You have to totally engage in the gym every time you step through the doors.

To make HIT work, you have to push extremely hard. Going brief must be balanced by going hard.

Without the hard core action, brevity doesn’t make a difference.

The HIT approach to training is truly a smart way to work the muscles – You hit them hard – super hard – then you give them ample time to recover.

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