The High End Muscle Fibre Body Blast Technique!

What if you discovered that even in your all-out attempt to get bigger, you were missing out on over half of the element needed to put on muscle size?

It may well indeed be true if you are not addressing your high end fast twitch muscles.

What are your high end fast twitch muscles? Why do they matter?

And what do they have to do with building up massive size?

The high end fast twitch muscles matter a LOT because they are a composite of all your muscles. And, amazingly, they make up 50 percent of your muscle fiber.

You have three type of muscle in your body –

  • slow twitch,
  • couple of types of fast twitch.

You have moderately fast twitch muscle, and you have high end, but also extremely fast twitch muscle.

Fitness author Phil Campbell points out:

“Fast-twitch IIx (sometimes called IIb) is officially called “fast glycolytic” because it burns energy from stored glycogen for quick-burst. Type IIx muscle fiber aligns with the first gear, ATP-PC energy system. Type IIx has relatively few capillaries to supply the muscle with blood (perhaps this is why the muscle is white). This super fast muscle fiber moves 10 times faster than slow-twitch and 5 times faster than fast-twitch IIa muscle fiber.”

The high end fast twitch muscles really rock. They are the “extreme” element in your muscle package. Yet most people don’t even train these elite muscles.

By not training these muscles you really miss out.

That’s because slow paced training (the type that most people in the gym engage in) does not work all of your muscles.

As trainer Phil Campbell has been pointing out for a long time, approximately half of the human body’s muscles go untrained if you don’t work the fast twitch muscles.

When you do work these muscles, the gains are incredible.

Unfortunately most people get nowhere near working these muscles.

They move the weight slowly and only get the slow twitch or perhaps the low end high twitch muscles involved.

Slow twitch movement does work part of your muscle, and is the standard bodybuilding style movement.

The typical slower moving bodybuilding style training hits the slower twitch fiber. You could call this low gear.

But if you also add in high end fast twitch muscle training to your program, you can address that other 50 percent of your muscles that have been going un-worked.

And when you get all these muscles going you get truly large.

And this can happen relatively quickly, adding another layer of size and strength to your body ===> and here’s how to do it click here.



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