Gaining Muscle Through Natural Growth Hormone Release

When it comes to building a HUGE body, you want to switch on your natural growth hormone.

Everybody has it.

You, me and pencil neck at high school.

We all have it.

The difference between those who have decent muscle and those who don’t is knowing how to release it.

Very few people know how.

Most resort to injecting growth hormone or swallowing pills

In fact, if you’re even slightly tempted by this, scroll down and I’ll tell you about some pretty horrible side effects.

But first…

I’m going to explain the principles to release muscle growth hormone NATURALLY in this blog post without any side effects.

Studies have proven (New England Journal of Medicine, 1990) that growth hormone can boost lean muscle by close to 10 percent and lower body fat by more than 14 percent.

Growth hormone is able to create that unique dynamic in the body that causes muscle to grow and fat to melt at the same time.

….And that is right on target for what you want to get HUGE in the right way – lean muscle and minimal fat.

Natural Growth hormone causes this to occur.

Growth hormone is a very powerful substance that can make huge changes in your body.

When you are able to get your growth hormone circulating in your system good things begin to happen to your physique. Your muscles get BIG!

That’s why some guys get tempted to get their growth hormone chemically, by injecting growth hormone drugs into their body.

But that is unhealthy for the body and in the long term causes many negative side effects (I would never advocate this method).

Negative Side Effects of Injecting or Ingesting HGH:

  • Puffy Face
  • Diabetes (High Risk)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (causes weak grip strength)
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Cardiomelagy (a condition that effects the heart; known to cause sudden death)

Many who started down the path of growth hormone drugs later wished they had never started taking them.

How To Stimulate Your Own Muscle Growth Hormone Naturally

Fortunately there is a way to get growth hormone without having to take the dangerous and illegal route of drug intake.

You can stimulate your own body in such a way that it creates its own growth hormone internally.

This stimulation doesn’t happen haphazardly.

There are certain things you have to do to bring this about.

By doing these things, you can greatly speed up your path to becoming HUGE.

Natural Growth Hormone Release by Exercise

You can also cause growth hormone release by exercise.

However, not all exercise will do this.

In fact most standard exercise types you see in the gym today won’t cause growth hormone release.

It takes a certain type of exercise to cause growth hormone release.

If you want to strongly activate growth hormone release, the exercise has to be intense and cause critical and specific body response.

To make this occur, the exercise must consist of several specific elements.

When these elements occur in response to that intensity the human growth hormone will flow.

The Four Critical Elements For Natural Growth Hormone Release

There are four specific elements that must exist for human growth hormone to be effectively released during exercise.

These benchmarks include oxygen debt, increased body temperature, muscle burn and adrenal response.

If your exercise is intense enough to generate these specific reactions to occur, you are going to successfully stimulate growth hormone release.

Element#1: Oxygen Debt

The first factor is oxygen debt, which is self explanatory – your body is pushed to the point where it demands more oxygen.

This state is unique to high intensity anaerobic training.

Finish a jog and you aren’t necessary out of breath.

Sprint as hard as you can and you immediately switch to a state of desperately needing more oxygen.

There is a noticeable response in your body as it requires more oxygen and you definitely notice it, no question.

Research shows that oxygen debt plays a role in causing the body to release human growth hormone (Regulation of growth hormone during exercise by oxygen demand and availability. 1987, Vanhelder).

Your exercise needs to be intense enough to cause strong oxygen debt.

Oxygen debt can be created in two ways.

High intensity anaerobic exercise, with an output of 70 to 90 percent of maximum output for 20 to 30 seconds, or all-out sprinting for 8 to 10 seconds at 90 to 100 percent effort will do the trick.

Either approach will put you immediately into oxygen debt.

There is no way of missing this marker – you will be gasping for air as hard as you can.

The bottom line on oxygen debt is simple – either an exercise forces this bodily reaction or it doesn’t.

Jogging, for instance, does not produce this noticeable oxygen debt.

Sprinting on the other hand immediately causes oxygen debt.

The more intense the exercise, the more likely it will cause oxygen debt.

Element #2: Increased Body Temperature

The second requisite element for growth hormone release is increased body temperature (Role of body temperature in exercise-induced growth hormone and prolactin release in non-trained and physically fit subjects, 2000, Vigas).

Studies have demonstrated that human growth hormone won’t release when exercise occurs in a cold room where body temperature cannot increase (Characterization of growth hormone release in response to external heating: Comparison to exercise induced release, 1984, Christensen).

That means that you want to elevate your body temperature.

It is not necessary for a huge increase as even a 1 percent increase can get the ball rolling.

However, you can’t take it for granted.

You want your training to heat things up a bit to enhance the environment for growth hormone activity.

Again, intensity is the key to raising your body temperature.

Higher intensity training leads to higher body temperature.

Element #3: Big Muscle Burn

The third element, muscle burn, ties in to the oxygen debt part of training that forces growth hormone into action.

The “burn” in your muscles is actually lactic acid.

That is the painful feeling you get in the muscles when you push them hard.

Human growth hormone release occurs 16 minutes after reaching the muscle burn lactate threshold benchmark during exercise (Growth hormone responses during intermittent weightlifting exercise in men, 1984, Vanhelder).

The “muscle burn” hurts but it is a prime indicator that your workout is getting into the growth hormone release zone.
And yes, intensity is the way to create the muscle burn.

Your muscles don’t reach a muscle burn state from relatively easy exercise – you have to get intense.

Element #4: Active Adrenal Response

The final factor for growth hormone release in the body is related to high level exercise output – the adrenal response.

The increase of HGH during exercise is closely correlated with the release of adrenal hormones (adrenaline and norepinephrineAn increase in heart rate – this pumps more blood around our body, assisting more efficient muscle growth).

This occurs after reaching the “lactate threshold benchmark (Threshold increases in plasma growth hormone. . .1996, Chwalbinski-Moneta).

Exercise must be intense enough to stimulate the production of an epinephrine response before growth hormone is released.

The benchmarks for HGH release:

1. Oxygen debt (out-of-breath response)
2. Lactic acid (muscle burn response)
3. Increased body temperature (one degree)
4. Adrenal response (slightly painful)

Put these four elements together and you will spark significant growth hormone release!

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