Doing It Differently

“Success Will Come When You Make Every Single Rep Count!” Written by Thomaz Jensen.If you’re looking for the “abs while you sleep” or an Instant overnight recipe to super mass, you won’t find it here.Everything on is written based on years of extensive factual, science based research and solid proven (fad-free) bodybuilding principles utilized … Read more

Sucky Bodybuilding Advice On Reddit

RANT: Why Reddit Absolutely SUCKS For Workout Plans and Advice For Beginners Fair warning, this a bit of a rant about sh*tweazels on Reddit. Here’s a question. Would you, in all seriousness, go up to a random guy in the street and ask him for workout advice? Imagine it, can you imagine yourself going up … Read more

TUL For BIG Gains

How To Apply and Use T.U.L For BIG Gains! Do you TUL? Perhaps you would, if you knew what it was? TUL is an acronym that you ought to become familiar with. Especially if your goal is to pack on Muscle size FAST. TUL stands for “TIME UNDER LOAD” and it is a key training … Read more

Know Your Body Type FIRST!! READ THIS!!

The 3 Morphs: Ecto, Endo & Meso – Which are You? Building muscle is one of the toughest processes in the world. For some, it feels like climbing Everest whilst blindfolded would seemingly be easier than building muscle. Some people find it harder to build muscle than others, yet there are a select few that … Read more

A Smart Bodybuilding Strategy Requires THIS Approach

Smart Bodybuilding Requires A Strategic Approach There are dozens of different strategies to employ to build a better body. At the heart of the issue lies the question “what do you want to do?” Amazingly, some guys go to the gym without thinking about it much. But you need to have a direction for your … Read more

Get A Body Like Franco WITH Cardio

Get A Physique Like Franco Through Running This probably goes against the grain of what you’ve heard and probably been told. The amount of myths and theories I’ve heard about this, if I were to list them all I’d be sat here for hours writing. “Avoid Cardio when trying to pack on muscle because of … Read more

More Time Off, More Gains

More Time Off = More Gains! Many guys go the wrong way on this – they attempt to speed up their muscle growth and gains by training even more. That’s a big mistake. If you want to get HUGE, you need to allow for more time to grow, not less. That translates into more time … Read more

How to Get Out Of A Rut and Body Busting Plateu’s!

Why You Won’t Make Progress If You’re In A Rut! …And how to fix it! To make progress, you obviously can’t quit. But you must also train smart. Among those who do push past the first plateau are many who get stuck in a rut. These are the people (and you see them all over, … Read more

What Is Human Growth Hormone

Gaining Muscle Through Natural Growth Hormone Release When it comes to building a HUGE body, you want to switch on your natural growth hormone. Everybody has it. You, me and pencil neck at high school. We all have it. The difference between those who have decent muscle and those who don’t is knowing how to … Read more

Low Level Peck Action – Growth Hack

upper chest workout for mass

Use a Low Level Angle For Better Upper Chest Development Workout   A well-developed chest looks fantastic and a major part of this development lies in the upper chest area. Some guys are aware of this and include specific exercises for the upper chest muscles. The only problem is that most who do work the … Read more