Why Reddit Absolutely SUCKS For Workout Plans and Advice For Beginners

Here’s a question.

Would you, seriously, go up to a guy in the street and ask him for workout advice?

Imagine it, can you imagine yourself going up to a complete stranger and asking what his workout plan is?

Maybe you would if he looked the part.

Chances are you wouldn’t.

However, it’s far easier to ask that same question on the Internet.

It’s easier and there is far less embarassment.

Seems like a good idea.

Only it’s not.

It’s crappy idea, and here’s why…

You have absolutely NO IDEA who you’re asking, it could be pencil neck at high school.

bodybuilding workout advice bad for beginners

Reddit has a smattering of Bodybuilding Sub-Reddits ranging from Bodybuilding workout plans to Nutrition Advice and Book recommendations.

But they have no idea about you and you have no idea whether or not they actually have any idea themselves.

You’ll see a lot of responses by guys recommending all kinds of hot air and crap, usually Bodybuilding Supplements.

Here’s the thing about supplements, bodybuilding supplements in isolation are necessary, but there are far more variables at play beyond simply taking supplements and hope you build muscle, if you want any kind of results.

A lot of “marketers” use bodybuilding Reddit categories to spam.

Let’s have it right..

They’re NOT trying to help you.

I’ll repeat that..

Most Reddit users are NOT trying to help you.

They’re trying to sell you something somewhere down the line instead.

Don’t believe me?..I just did a quick browse and this is the crap I saw:

bad bodybuilding advice on reddit

bodybuilding workout plans on reddit

bodybuilding supplement advice on reddit

Believe it or not, far more people just like you fall into that trap of taking bodybuilding workout advice and blindly jumping into workout plans on Reddit as gospel truth.

To try and snuff out that “noise”, I’ve put together a page that covers nearly every question you could ever have on bodybuilding and guess what…

I’m not selling or hawking anything to you.

You can take my advice found here, or you can continue on the rat wheel every other beginner is on and relying on advice from Bodybuilding “experts” on the “pump and dump” train called Reddit.

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