A Smart Bodybuilding Strategy Requires THIS Approach

Smart Bodybuilding Requires A Strategic Approach There are dozens of different strategies to employ to build a better body. At the heart of the issue lies the question “what do you want to do?” Amazingly, some guys go to the gym without thinking about it much. But you need to have a direction for your … Read more

Get A Body Like Franco WITH Cardio

Get A Physique Like Franco Through Running This probably goes against the grain of what you’ve heard and probably been told. The amount of myths and theories I’ve heard about this, if I were to list them all I’d be sat here for hours writing. “Avoid Cardio when trying to pack on muscle because of … Read more

The High Intensity Training Philosophy

Pushing the Envelope With High Intensity Training High Intensity Training (HIT) has been growing in popularity from its earliest days when Arthur Jones began expounding about this unique, intense, brief style of working out. His motto was to “”train harder and briefer”. Bodybuilding had strayed into lengthy workouts that were more time intense than muscle … Read more

Luscious Liver – Vince Gironda Nutrition

Luscious Liver – A Potent Muscle Building Food! Not too many people would term liver as “luscious” but it is when it comes to building the body. Liver is an old school supplement that isn’t really used that much anymore. Today there are a lot of fancy supplements with exotic ingredients but it is still … Read more

Low Level Peck Action – Growth Hack

upper chest workout for mass

Use a Low Level Angle For Better Upper Chest Development Workout   A well-developed chest looks fantastic and a major part of this development lies in the upper chest area. Some guys are aware of this and include specific exercises for the upper chest muscles. The only problem is that most who do work the … Read more