The Brawn Advantage – Start Here!

Let me ask you a question…

Do you want to ​look good, look huge?

There are two essential tools to building a great body:

  1. Knowing WHAT to do to build your muscles fast and HOW to do it
  2. Putting the required effort in and doing it!

​​The first is where the biggest frustrationsare for most starting out, (even so called “Pro’s”) in some cases.Bodybuilder Weight Exercise

At the bottom of this article there are 4 links to, in my opinion, the FOUR most critical components to building muscle size.

​You need to read them. Start ​with those 4 articles.

But first…

When it comes to muscles, the faster, the bigger, the better.

Everyone has muscle, but most people don’t have muscle mass.

Building a body that looks good is not easily done.

Even in the gym, there are relatively few guys who are truly huge.

And those that are, in most cases had a little boost, usually illegal ‘roids to get there (although most will never admit it). <img draggable=

The art of building muscle size – naturally – is the ultimate goal.

It is possible to build big muscles fast naturally.

And you certainly don’t have to use illegal ‘roids to get there.

Sure, illegal steroids, etc. give people an outside advantage, a short cut for getting bigger…

But that also comes with serious side effects – heart disease and other dangerous physical issues that show up down the road.

In the end, most people who go down this path regret it.

And drugs are a crutch – take them away and the user shrinks back down to their original size, or even smaller.

Those that go down the illegal steroid path, are always faced with the same serious dilemma – stay on the drugs and move ever closer to substantial health damage, or go off the drugs and shrink back to a puny shadow of what they were.

I do things differently.

Your H​uge Muscle Gaining Advantage

how to build a muscular body

There is a better way and the better way is to gain muscle fast naturally.

This has a one huge advantage…

Once you build that muscle, it has a tendency to stay around due to the very fact it is natural.

And should you take time off from training, that muscle will come back very quickly when you return to training, because it has been built naturally.

Because of this, there are no negative side effects.

You don’t have to worry about your heart, liver or kidneys due to ingesting copious amounts of chemicals.

And finally – you can keep that muscle into old age. There are all kinds of reasons to choose the natural path to muscle mass.

​The Lost Art…

So how do you go about building significant muscle fast?

This type of training is a lost art and science – it largely disappeared in the 60’s when drugs hit the world of bodybuilding and sports.

But the principles of getting huge still remain, and once you know what to do, you too can put these specific principles and techniques of building muscle size to work and reap the rewards of more muscle mass.

The links below contains links to NO B.S Articles that every beginner bodybuilder needs to know:

​4 most critical components to building muscle size...

​Critical Component 1:

Know Your Body Type - START HERE. Don't read anything else on this website before you've read this article. You ​must be crystal clear about your body type (even if you think you already know). REMEMBER: The quickest road to failure is NOT fully understanding where you're starting from.

Critical Component 2:

The Ultimate Guide To Muscle Gaining Nutrition - The second most important article you'll read on this website, if you screw ​up nutrition, nothing else matters, you​ won't build muscle.

Critical Component 3:

The Most Powerful Tool For Building Muscle - If you were to interview any Pro elite level bodybuilder, and ask him the most powerful tool for building muscle, all of them would agree on this. 

Critical Component 4:

T.U.L For Big Gains - This is the vital factor to increasing muscle size​ and it works for almost anyone...probably including YOU.